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ChicSelect, a unique distinctive experience in an awesome brick and mortar shop in the Old Montreal 


Market pressures on fashion garment stores have never been so intense and challenging.  Therefore, we have no other choice than to continuously reinvent  both our brick and mortar shop and webstore.  As a result, providing you with a highly pleasant shopping experience in a sincere friendly ambiance is our response.  Consequently a customer service you won’t forget.  Most of all our team thrives to help you select the clothes that will make you feel good about yourself.  In conclusion, we want you to love what you wear and wear what you love.

Further more, to achieve that goal, we always keep your needs and desires in our minds to ensure that we will not only select comfortable and attractive clothes but also the best quality price ratio possible.


In our store ChicSelect, you will find a stunning selection of handpicked high quality clothing from distinctive and unique brands.  Hence, we proudly offer a large range of casual but chic clothes, principally shirts, blazers, pants, hats and accessories for men and tunics, tops, pants, hats and accessories for women.  We also have a wide array of jewellery at affordable prices and different items for kids.  Our sizes range from XS to 6XL.

Besides, most of our products are made or designed in Canada.  Local brands like Marco, Au Noir ou Aunoir, Vision, Siann, Ken Ann,  Crowncap, Chaos, Tilley, Kiltec, Tobbogan, Laundromat, Peerless, Canadian Hat, Sanibel, Parkhust, Angela Mara, Adorable, Spoutnik, Joa and others like Gottmann, Country Gentleman, Calvin Klein, Kamea.

It seems like three stores in one, offering casual but chic fashion, accessories and gifts as well.


Our store is located inside the historic building Bonsecours Market which is situated in the Old Montreal, the most visited and flourishing tourist area of the province of Québec.  That famous edifice served many purposes during its existence including Montreal City Hall and more recently a local farmer food market.

Most noteworthy, it is easy to visit us.  We are at less than 3 minutes walk from a subway station and 2 parking lots.  While there is an outdoor parking in front of the building,  it is less expensive to use the underground parking Chaussegros De-Lery at 330 Rue du Champ de Mars, Montréal, QC H2Y 3Z3.

Come visit us in our friendly brick and mortar shop in the Old Montreal to see among others our new Aunoir collections which are amazing this year.