Aunoir men's garments

AuNoir’s roots

What started as a dress shirt company, rapidly evolved into a brand catering to everything menswear. From long sleeve, to short sleeve shirts, polos, jeans, blazers and socks, everything is stylized and developed in-house in Montreal, Canada, the fashion design capital of North American.

AuNoir’s mission

Au Noir’s mission is to design high-end sophisticated Men’s garments and its ambition is to become the most broadly renowned brand of high-end shirts in North America.

Leading fabrication Technology

They use cutting edge techniques in the fabrication of their shirts to be a leader and innovator in the garment industry.  Single or double Punto stitching, invisible or hidden stitch as well as various trade secrets join together to craft a detail driven final product.  Their fabrics are of the highest quality in their category.  They use soft jacquards, 100% woven cottons, and the highest quality cotton sateen both printed and un-printed.

There is nothing like an Aunoir garment  

There are several elements that make an Au Noir shirt an Au Noir shirt, a few of which are their signature embroidery below the cuff as well as above the top button hole inside the face of their shirts. They use a variety of contrast stitch and button colors. Their fold up cuff garnishes, as well as their inner collar and button placket garnishes are always tasteful, yet fun.

Au Noir Men’s premium fashion shirts are made with attention to fit to the body but not skin tight.  They drape properly over the shoulders and under the arms allowing for flow and freedom of movement.

Au Noir is doing everything right to ensure to distinguish the man who wears Au Noir.  It brings you modern and stylish clothes that you will love to wear.

Seeing is believing, but at Au Noir touching is knowing the difference.

The true spirit of Au Noir is: Be bold, be daring…

Enjoy wearing AuNoir’s garments.


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